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A harvest moon that is low on the horizon creating silouhettes of a line of peope of various ages and a large leafless tree
Photo credit: A Pexels.com Contributer

Site Introduction

Welcome to JennsWorld.com I will be adding content over time, but because this site is being used as a place for me to learn and practice my coding skills, there is a chance that the entire site could be scrapped and started over again without warning.

Topics I hope to include could cover Coding, Camping, Biking, maybe some guitar related content, and almost without a doubt some history related to Trinity Memorial and even Warren State Hospital. I don't have a timeline for when any of these topics will be added, it all depends on how long it takes me to build each page, research/organize the content, and then get the content add to the various pages.

Some goals I have in mind as I proceed include.

  • Improve my method of backing up files
  • Focus on a single page and do my best to not start a new page until I have reached a point with the one I'm working on that it reseambles a complete page.
  • Focus more on testing, validating code and fixing bugs ensuring that links, images, and content load and are positiond where I intended them to be.