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Site Introduction

Welcome to Jenn's World! Before you venture too far into my site I would like to offer a small caution. This site is being used as a way for me to learn more about coding. I will do my best to ensure that I don't have any errors in my code that will negatively impact your device. I like my computer a lot, and will test everything on my own computer first before I go live with any changes. if everything works the way I want it to, and my computer doesn't explode, crash, get stuck in an endless loop, or do anything else that may otherwise be destructive to itself, I will then go live with my updates.

At this point the code used on this site consists of a mix of the following languages and frameworks.

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • CSS Grid
    I'm currently transitioning from CSS Flexbox to primarily CSS Grid, but may use both in different situations.
  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome

Other languages, libraries and frameworks I'm interested in learning include the following.

  • Animate.css
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery (after I learn JavaScript)

I have begun to learn JavaScript, but am not at a point to where I feel comfortable with adding it to my site just yet, JS is proving to be a HUGE struggle for me, but hope to utilize JavaScript in the future once I am more comfortable with my understanding of it.

For now JennsWorld.com consists primarily of HTML5, CSS3, CSS gridbox, and Bootstrap all of which could be argued as being foundations of the majority of websites online. Bootstrap may or may not be found on other sites, but those who opt to use it do seem to find it to be a useful component in designing a website.

My Goals For JennsWorld.com

  • Improve and expand on my coding skills
  • Build a family-friendly website
  • Have fun learning, creating and sharing
White scruffy dog with female owner
Photo Credit: Jenca 2017

History topics I am researching

Episcopal Mission of Warren County

St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church
The Youngsville Mission of the E.M.W.C.
Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church
The Warren Mission of the E.M.W.C.
Other Parishes or Missions assisted in part by Trinity Memorial
St. John's Episcopal Church
~ Guam
St. Luke's Episcopal Church
~ Village of Kinzua, PA
The Interfaith Chapel
~ Warren State Hospital (WSH) in North Warren, PA


Learning Guitar
With emphasis on acoustic guitar
The Joy of Listening
Tips for listening deeper, and places to legally listen to music for little or no cost