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I'm hoping that unless I overlooked a Source page on my site that this page will give a complete index of every page I have listed sources for on this site. I am also revamping my source pages overall to hopefully make them a tad bit more visitor friendly with regards to navigation and during the process of beginning to revamp my source pages I decided I should have an index listing every source page I have in case someone wants to just explore my sources. My hope is that the source pages will function as an indepentent section of my site, yet also allow visitors what I hope will be an easier way to return to the page they came from when they clicked on my Source/Citiation links. Not sure if I can pull this off, and because of the huge number of source pages or potential source pages within this site, it could be a long grueling project on my end, but I'm hopeful that the end result will be worth the effort.

**Side Note: If a page is listed but is not linked, it likely means I haven't revamped the page yet to make it compatible with my overall vision for my source pages. That said, all source pages will be accessible by way of the various source/citation links within the content pages, but the links going between the Source Index and the individual Source Pages will not be done until a page is completely revamped to help me track where I am with revamping pages.**

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