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I am currently affilliated with:

  • The Episcopal Mission of Warren County as a lifelong member of Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church of Warren.
    • I am the unpaid Founder of the Diapers & Such Ministry at Trinity Memorial.
    • I have been involved as a volunteer with the Anti Child Trafficking (ACT) Ministry at Trinity Memorial.
  • St. Francis of Assisi, Youngsville, PA, as a non-member who occassionally attends events there.
    • I donate coupons to help support the Pet Food Ministry at SFA, but am otherwise unaffilliated with the ministry.
  • I volunteer my time and skills as one of an unknown number of people researching the History of the Episcopal Mission of Warren County.

I have past afilliations with:

  • Warren State Hospital
    • I was a paid employee at Friendship House Drop-in Center for about a year during the mid to late 1990's it serves both WSH and the surrounding community with ties to both WSH and Forest-Warren Dept. of Human Services.
    • I was admitted/discharged to/from WSH as a patient several times spanning approx. from the mid-1980's until the early-1990's
    • I also have several closely related family members whose combined years as employees spanned aprox. from the 1970's until the late 1990's, and indirectly benefited from the employment of some family members at WSH when I was a kid.


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