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Current goals for this site

  • Create and implement an indexing system for my source pages
  • Improve with sorting by category or type with appropriate sub types and then under the specific type organize by year in an effort to make things a little more manageable. The WSH section is a prime example I have a section folder called "Doctors" and then in that folder I split it into years. The problem is that there are many different types of doctors, and when dealing with over 100 years of history the listing within each year breakdown could be very lengthy. I feel that by creating sub-types under "doctors" and then splitting the subtypes by years may shorten the length of individual pages, while at the same time allowing people to perhaps look for a specific type of doctor a little easier. Also terminology changes are factoring into this decision as well since titles have changed over the years one example would be the use of the word "Alienist" inthe 1800's and early 1900's which would describ a person we now call a Psychiatrist. using sub-types will allow me a little more flexibility in handling the term changes.(There is transitioning occurring at this time with regards to the sorting of information.)
  • Add more content when I need a break from indexing source pages or sorting old content.
  • Improve my coding skills
  • Eventually I would like to make some of my spreadsheets available for download, but I feel like I need to learn more about Excel and improve those skills before I start sharing my spreadsheets... it is something I do want to do at some point though even if I don't have all the information from the spreadsheet added to webpages, I feel like it would offer a quick way to update information I have available while I work through the coding and design process for the site.

Welcome to Jenn's World

I hope you enjoy your visit here, but I would like to take a moment to remind visitors that this site is being built as a personal skill building project. I am working to improve my webdesign skills which makes this site a bit of a sandbox. As a sandbox, it could change without warning in terms of appearance or raw code useage. Despite the "sandbox" concept, I will do my best to carry the content from one build to the next even if I am playing mad scientist with the site.

I do hope that you enjoy your visit and that the content I've been adding is interesting enough to help folks overlook the dust while I play in my "sandbox".

Photo: Hydrotherapy circa 1906
Photo Source: Unknown