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Letters to Mm
December 11, 2017

Dear Mm,

I'm struggling some today. The medchange has me feeling funky and I realized that I managed to corrupt all the files related to this section so I'm rebuilding the Letters to Mom segment of my site. Not quite how I hoped today would go.

The good news is that despite the frustration of having to rebuild this segment, I have found a sense of peace with the idea in that even though I lost some content, I have gained an opportunity to rebuild using better coding skills than I had when I first built this section back in July 2017.

I have plans for redundant backups that aren't connected which should in theory help to prevent the same problem from happening again. So it was a learning opportunity.

I know that my coding stuff doesn't make much sense to you, but aside from the idea that it gives me something new to learn, I find that it also offers a bit of a safe haven when the political climate gets too overwhelming. I can build a virtual world that contains the things I find meaningful and leave out the things that stress me out. In a sense you could say it's a bit like a playground for me. I can create whatever I want to and use my creation to share my ideas, thoughts, and interests without having a script to follow that was written by someone else. I can just be me. That said, I promise to only use my skills as a way to maybe put a little good back into the world.

As I work on my website I learn not only about the code needed to display the site, but I also learn more about the information I'm using for content. It keeps my mind occupied and even though I need breaks from time to time, I feel a sense of accomplishment in the midst of the successes and failures. Everytime I have a failure, it becomes an opportunity for me to learn and develop better skills.

Orca is a huge help in reminding me to step away from my coding and researching so don't worry, I am moving around and doing other things.

I'm getting caughtup on my housework again in the midst of my coding and such. Even though I have a ways to go before I can say I'm totally caughtup with my housework, I have made a sizable dent in the clutter that was starting to take over my home. So, yes I am doing other things, just sometimes my body needs to rest but my mind wants to keep busy... coding and research helps me balance things out a bit when my body needs a break I still get to feel productive on some level. Once my body is rested, I then rest my brain and will work on things that are more physically active. So there really is a sort of balance component to my coding and other computer stuff.

I should get going now, but even though I talk about nerdy stuff know that I still love you very much.