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Anti-Human Trafficking
With emphasis on Pennsylvania

Before you begin...

The topic of anti-human trafficking is a deep subject, but one worth learning about. I would encourage others to learn what human trafficking is, how it can be prevented, and what can be done to help those who are victims of modern day slavery through this and other pages pages within the 'Anti-Human Trafficking' section, I hope to offer resources that allow you to expand your understanding, and maybe empower you to look for ways that you can help stop modern day slavery.

That said, I would caution you to approach the subject in a way that you are able to learn about it, but not be overwhelmed by it. Being informed about Human Trafficking is important, but taking care of yourself along the way is vital, because if you are crushed by the topic, then you will find it difficult to do good for those who are victims of modern slavery.

I encourage you, to intentionally plan on doing something light, fun, uplifting, or otherwise emotionally soothing to you after each visit to the topic of Human Trafficking whether it be here, or on other websites. This bit of self-care will help you keep a balance between learning about a very deep topic and keeping yourself healthy. Pay attention to what you are feeling, and if you begin to feel overwhelmed by the subject, it's okay to step back and regroup before continuing. Take care of you, so you will be able to help others. Having other people around you who are interested in anti-human trafficking topics can be a huge help as well, since it would allow you to share the weight of the burden and celebrate the victories with someone else as you move forward.

Places to call for help

National Human Trafficking Hotline
National Suicide Hotline
If you are in danger and in need of help from police or ambulance
call 9-1-1 or your local emergency number

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Anti-Human Trafficking
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