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Causes & Issues

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Section Introduction

This section will be home to my collection of Causes and Issues that I have interest in.
At this point I am still in the process of rebuilding so, the content here is limited.

Pages that I've begun to add include the following:

Anti-Human Trafficking
Also referred to as "Modern Day Slavery" contains resources to learn about Human Trafficking, and what you can do to help those who are victims of human trafficking.
Mental Health
This section is geared towards advocacy for self and others, in addition to tips for improving one's mental health.
This a a rather broad topic, with many sub-issues within it. I have chosen to focus on the cauases of poverty, the impact of poverty on society, what we as a community can do to help those in poverty, and a topic I'm passionate about, Diaper Need.
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Anti-Human Trafficking
Information & Resources

  • AHT | Main Page
  • AHT | Books & Movies
  • AHT | Do's and Don'ts for Helping Victims
  • AHT | Groups and Organizations
  • AHT | In The News
  • AHT | Misc. Resources
  • End of Human Trafficking section table of contents

Poverty Information & Resources
In the United States

  • Main Poverty Page
  • Diaper Need
  • Food Insecurity
  • Housing Issues
  • What Causes Poverty?