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Accessibility Tutorials

Intro to Accessibility Tutorial

The tutorials I'm including are either ones that I am working through currently, or have completed, but eitherway are found to be helpful to me as I learn the basics of how to build a website with Accessibility features built into it.

TeachAccess Tutorial
A tutorial on best practices for webdesign Accessibility created by Teach Access

Reference Resources

Intro to Reference Resources

This section will contain a collection of reference resources pertaining specifically to website accessibility.

Testing & Validation Tools

Intro to Testing & Validation Tools

I'm including free or low-cost tools to help with testing for accessibility and validating code. You may find tools for checking for color or contrast issues, a screen reader or other tools specifically aimed at improving accessibility for everyone within a webpage.


If you are able to and you find that the NVDA screen reader is beneficial to you in any way, please consider making a donation to their project. The information for donating can be found on the NV Access | NVDA website

Validate Accessibility Code